In my holiday, we started to go to Jogjakarta at 07.00 pm, 26th December 2011 from our school MTsN Malang 3 by executive bus Bintang Jaya. We were happy although it was raining. Along the way, we sang and danced together. At 01.00 am, we arrived in Ngawi for taking a rest and praying. At 04.30 we arrived in Jogja. Parangtritis beach was the first place we visited. Overthere, we could watch a beautiful view. After that, we went to restauarant to have breakfast. At 09.00am, we went to Yogyakarta palace. Overthere, we could watch a history of yogyakarta palace. After that, we visited Dirgantara Museum. In Dirgantara Museum, we could take a photo with ancient plane war there. At 03.00 pm, we went to restaurant to have lunch. After that, we visited one of the seven wonders inthe world. The name is Borobudur Temple. There, we only had a little time, because this place would be closed. After that, we visited Malioboro`s market. There, we could buy souvenirs. After that, we had dinner Grafika Restaurant at 01.00 am.

We went to go to our school MTsN Malang 3 and at 01.00 pm we arrived at MTsn Malang 3.I felt very happy it is my amazing vacation.